Toolmaker's Clamp - PS8 Steam

PS8 Steam
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Tubalcain's Toolmaker's Clamp

As I am new to all of this, I wanted a simple-ish project that would help me develop my skills at the lathe and at the mill.

There is a useful video here from Mr. Pete's YouTube channel.
The drawings are also available - see the link in the above YouTube video.

Turns out it took me three attempts to finish this properly.  A variety of reasons: not measuring carefully enough, not thinking through the work holding, practice runs at threading and knurling, and generally cocking it up!

Very pleased with the results and learnt a lot along the way.  Finished it off with Caswell's Black-Ox kit and that has worked perfectly!  More info about this process can be found here.

(C) 2018 Kevin Murrell
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