Stuart 504 - PS8 Steam

PS8 Steam
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A Stuart 504 boiler from eBay.  This was the largest of the three Babcock style boilers that Stuart produced.  This is complete in itself although missing a burner.  The original would have had a burner similar to the 500 and 502, but with two tubular burners.  I have ordered a Bix gas burner for this as it gives more control.  

The side panels have been painted with what I cam only assume is Hammerite paint.  This is thick and uneven and the devil's own job to remove.  Having tried cellulose thinners, then Nitromors, I resorted to a power sander.  It has taken hours, but I am down to the bare metal.  Then it the usual round of etch resist primer, rubbing down, red oxide primer, rubbing down, then the final top coats of satin black.

(C) 2018 Kevin Murrell
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