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So, time to get serious with all of this and build a workshop.

I considered using part of the garage which is attached to the house.  This would make wiring etc much easier, but sadly there is no door between the inside of the house and the inside of the garage and I don't fancy the idea is having to open the big garage door each time I want to use the workshop.  So I followed the traditional UK path of building a shed in the garden.  When I say building, the shed itself is coming part built and will be finished on site.

Shed installed today 8th June 2018  Love it!

I need to then do the following:
  • Insulate sides, ceiling and floor and line the sides and ceiling with ply
    • Started this 8th, 9th and 10th June 2018
    • Still at it on 16th 17th and am getting seriusly bored with it.
  • Install small consumer unit, sockets lighting and small heater
    • CS bought (MK), six MK metalclad sockets, black 20mm conduit and saddles
    • CS installed 16th June 2018
    • All conduit and sockets and switches now in place 17th June 2018
  • Run amoured cable from the garage to the shed
    • 6mm SWA cable ordered and arrived
  • Arrange for an electrician to connect the whole lot up
    • Jim been to check up and seems happy with the plan and has provided a quote.  He will terminate and connect up the SWA cable and test my installation and if all is well certify it all.  Keeps the insurance company happy.

  • Build shelves and workbench
    • Some shelves in place 9th June 2018
    • More shelves in place 17th June 2018
    • Workbench in place
  • Build desk
    • Done and in place - something cheap from Ikea

Then installing the kit
  • Lathe in place on bench and first simple piece turned and faced - just to prove it's going to work!
  • Vice positioned but still to be fixed down
    • Done 17th June 2018 - four big M10 bolts.
  • Drill stand positioned but still to be fixed down
(C) 2018 Kevin Murrell
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