Myford ML7 - PS8 Steam

PS8 Steam
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My Myford ML7

Accquired 21st April 2019 from Peter in Romford.  Brought it home and started to remove some extra weight until I can move it into the workshop a little later today. Pictures alongside just after unloading the car.

22nd April 2019

Stripped lathe down to the bed, but left gearbox in place.  General clean up, but nothing looks too bad.   Moved the stand into the workshop and fixed the lathe to the stand-off blocks, onto the drip tray, and then on to the stand.  It still needs leveling, but I will wait until I have added a little more weight. Ordered the three phase motor and VFD which ought to arrive this week.

21st August 2019

After a long break I have been returning the ML7 back to working order.  Everything back in place and the new 3-phase motor fitted together with it's VFD.   This coming weekend should be the final alignment of the lathe.   It's probably all over the place at present, but this shouldn't reveal any nasty surprises.
(C) 2018 Kevin Murrell
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