S50 and 10V - PS8 Steam

PS8 Steam
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Steam Plants
My first steam plant!

The baseboard is a very nice piece of wood which was advertised as a kitchen chopping board.  Sanded, cleaned and varnished nicely.  Something I have learnt: Don't use Ronseal interior varnish - it's water based and doesn't do the job required here - use the oil based exterior varnish.

The Chiltern Steam boiler is now clad with 1mm thick mahogany strips and now has three brass boiler bands.   

The 10V and the S50 are of a similar scale, so live together nicely.   There is also space on the board for a condenser which I plan to make shorty.

Next job is piping from the boiler to a steam manifold towards the front of the board. That has two steam cocks - one for the 10V and one for the S50 - and possibly a fitting to allow compressed air in.

Taken the Cotswold boiler off this steam plant as it's better on the new Cotswold steam plant.  I plan to put the Stuart 500 boiler on here - it has more than enough power and is more in fitting with these two engines.

Picture alongside of the completeted layout with the 500 boiler in place.  Piping to complete over Christmas.  Pleased with little red steam manifold.

Well, Christmas was a long time ago, but the steam piping is finished and the video alongside is from the first steaming.   I do need to mange the exhaust better - either an oil separator or a condensor.

(C) 2018 Kevin Murrell
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