Blackening Steel - PS8 Steam

PS8 Steam
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Finishing my toolmaker's clamp by blackening (or Parkerizing) the metal.  (More about the tool here.)

In the first batch of images alongside I used some of my cast-off parts to test the system.  The material is EN1A mild steel.

This four part process is from Caswell Europe - the Cold-OX system.  I bought the smallest kit available which is fine for what I need.  The solutions can be used repeatedly up to a point, but that assumes you have somewhere to keep them when made up!

I am as pleased as punch with the results.  It's an easy process, not nasty chemicals and is quick and consistent.  Highly recommended!

This is the supplier's web page

Part 1 Cleaning and de-greasing
Dilute solution with plain water to 50%
Quick scrub all over gently using Scotchbrite
Swill in plain water and leave to dry.
Part 2 Conditioning
Dilute solution with plain water to 10%
Submerge parts and leave for two minutes
Swill in plain water and leave to dry
Part 3 Blackening - dilute with plain water to 25%
Submerge parts
Leave for between five and fifteen minutes depending on the material and how black you want it to become
Swill in plain water and allow to dry.
Part 4 Sealing - use neat (oil based)
Submerge parts for a couple of minute or so, make sure they are all covered
Drain and allow to air dry for about 45 m

You will need a handy tap and sink, four trays big enough to submerge the parts, some Scotchbrite or similar, rubber gloves and kitchen towel.

Turns out you will also need a mate to operate the iPhone camera as the home button doesn't respond while wearing rubber gloves.
(C) 2018 Kevin Murrell
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