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As much as a diary and reminder for myself...

10th March 2018
Bought a Stuart S50 off eBay
12th March 2018
Bought a Stuart 9 off eBay
20th March 2018
Dismantled the 9 and ordered replacement parts from Stuart
22nd March 2018
S50 runs very well after a serious oiling.  Base plate and cylinder cover needs repainting and a better base is needed.
30th March 2018
Repainted at S50
7th April 2018
Preparing base for Chiltern boiler. More painting the 9 sole plate. Trying the new belt sander.
10th April 2018
Chiltern boiler test connected to the S50 and works really well. Quick to steam and burner not too noisy. Boiler needs 350ml water to reach half way mark on gauge.
13th April 2018
Air test of 9 - runs ok at about 40psi, but lumpy when running slowly.  Should run with less air pressure than that I think?
14th April 2018
Bought tickets for Intermodallbau in Dortmund!
20th April 2018
22nd April 2018
New baseboard for the S50/10V/Chiltern boiler steam plant completed. Chiltern boiler clad in 5mm x 1mm mahogany strips.
28th April 2018
Added brass bands to Chiltern boiler. Bought a shed!
17th May 2018
Drive to Chester to collect Stuart Beam Engine
26th May 2018
Lots of rubbing down, painting, and rubbing down again. Repeated endlessly. I might be getting better at this, but it's slow going.  The panels and castings for the 500 boiler are complete. Dismanteled the doggy Stuart beam engine.  This will need a good clean before thinking about anything else.  I would also like to measure the components I have and compare those with the Stuart drawings.
29th May 2018
Shed base finally down! Shed is due to be installed this coming Friday.
2nd June 2018
Bought a small 3l ultrasonic cleaner. Assembled the 500 boiler. Looks very smart. I deliberated painting the side panels a dark green, but decided to stick with satin black. I am planning to use this boiler with the Stuart beam on a new steam plant.
3rd June 2018
Vintage car event near Petersfield - bought some Aluminium stock, some 26 tpi taps & dies, and also a vintage elecro-mechanical fruit machine mechanism.
7th June 2018
Shed arrived and built!  Spent the rest of the day putting the floor in and planning the insulation of lining of the walls.
8th and 9th June 2018
Putting in insulation panels, some plywood lining, and spending hours in B & Q
10th June 2018
The lathe is christened!   Enough shed built to enable me to put the lathe into position and turn some metal!
15th June 2018
Back from work!  Desk and drill stand is in place, so I took the opportunity to mark and drill the holes in my 50V PSU for the fruit machine solenoids.
16th June 2018
More insulation and plywood panels fitted.  Consumer unit and first dbl 13A socket fitted.
17th June 2018
So I get all the plywood and insulation out into the garden ready to start, and of course it starts to pour down with rain. Perfect.  Quite a bit done, but this is beginning to drag and I am seriously fed up with it.
24th June 2018
All the internal conduit and boxes are in place, so is the CS.  Busy museum weekend, so I didn't get around to installing the SWA cable - thatwill have to wait until next weekend.
I did manage to do some work on the fruit machine - loads of fun!

(C) 2018 Kevin Murrell
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