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Fruit Machine Mechanism

3rd June 2018
I came across this fruit machine mechanism at a car-boot type market at a vintage car and bike show, and for £20 I couldn't resist it. No idea what I going to do with it however.  All four drums are on a single shaft and each has a solenoid which either lets it rotate or stops the drum. The drums being a friction fit on the shaft. One each drum there are four phosphor bronze strips which make contact with a fixed disk. Each of the contacts is brought out to a multi-way plug.  Single shaded pole motor drives the shaft. So, all I can tell at the moment is I can let drums rotate or not, and I can detect the position of the drums. Not sure to what degree I can read the drum positions yet. Motor seems to be stuck solid for now.

4th June 2018
The only brand name (if it is a brand) is ADMC on the drums. Possibly a 'Whoopsie Gambler' or a 'Whoopsie Nudger'. The nudge button moved the drums in the backwards direction and against the natural direction of the phosphor bronze strips - which apparently was a big cause of failure.

12th June 2018
Bought the components I need to make a simple 50V power supply.  Cheap panel mounting voltmeter/ammeter as well.
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